⚫️ Mini SSG

This is a story about us
& our HTML files


😀 We start with just one HTML File

//everything nice & simple

ss text-editor

😕 Then.. We add one new file

//Need to copy-paste header & footer to be consistent

ss text-editor

😥 Then.. new site again.. again.. & again

//copy paste every same components

ss text-editor

😱 What if you need to update 1 thing only?

//You need to change here, there & everyhere

ss text-editor

🤔 You start to think..
"Do I need to use Server Side
to make it dynamic?"

🤔 You start to think..
"Do I need to learn new Javascript library
to make it all flexible?"

😁 You don't!
Meet your new friend, Mini SSG ! take a tour